Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Coop Today

Today we showed up for the last school day of coop this spring. The cleaning lady/crew had already been there before 845am. The whole place smelled of bleach and ammonia. Thank goodness H has her first class in the gym, in another building. And her second and last class is way away from the stairs and kitchen where the smell was the strongest. I didn't fare so well and have been feeling "chemical'ed" all afternoon. She loves school and since it was the last day, I didn't have the heart to just leave and go home. School work is going fine. It is fun to look at her copywork from last fall and see the improvement in several months. She and I cleaned out her desk yesterday and looked through the papers. She is learning and improving, though she desperately wants to be a "middle" at coop. She is so not ready for that... maybe another year? The reading and writing has to improve quite a bit for her to move on. Gives us something to work towards!

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